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Washington Latin Public Charter School is hiring Middle & Upper School Teachers for 2019-2020! (6700 hits)

Teachers wanted for a range of subjects in grades 5 through 12. Candidate must be eager to work with students of all abilities in a non-selective school and have a deep enough command of their content area to adapt instruction to students’ interests and needs. Candidate must also be willing to involve him or herself in the life of the school.


Washington Latin is a liberal arts, college preparatory school with a classical mission serving 700 students in grades 5-12 from across the District of Columbia. We believe that all students deserve a quality education that goes beyond preparation and focuses on developing knowledge, understanding and humanity. Ours is a school where words matter, ideas matter, and people matter.

Our school is grounded in the following essential characteristics, which shape the Washington Latin experience for our faculty, students, and families:

● Classical Mission – Our model brings together timeless truths from antiquity with the study of contemporary issues through a broad liberal arts curriculum, aimed at helping our students develop both their autonomy as individuals and their commitment to the common good. We ask students to consider moral issues across every subject and grade, particularly through regular Socratic seminars that help them to develop informed, reasoned and flexible opinions. This ability to engage in civil debate is a keystone of our democratic society and thus an important element of our program.

● Diverse, integrated community – Our student body is diverse by design, which we consider necessary to accomplish our mission. We believe that a central purpose of education is to help students to develop the ability to work within our diverse and increasingly global society. Our approach cultivates students’ respect for difference while fostering their understanding and appreciation of our shared humanity.

● Personal, Nurturing Culture – Washington Latin is deliberately small (overall and in terms of class sizes), so that everyone is known as a scholar and individual. We aim for mutual trust and respect in our community to foster intellectual curiosity and creativity. We want for students and faculty alike to feel a sense of community that encourages them to try something new, challenge ideas, make mistakes, and step up as leaders.

● Faculty Excellence & Autonomy – Our leaders are teachers, and our teachers are leaders. They bring expertise in and passion for their fields of study to their classrooms. We grant them autonomy in curricular and teaching choices, while at the same time providing personal support and opportunities for their professional development. Above all, we respect and nurture their intellect and humanity. The result: a stable cadre of excellent teachers, close-knit as a community and devoted to their students’ long-term success.
Read more about Latin’s model, teaching approach, and community on our website.


You are a master of your content, a curious lifelong learner, and someone who loves working with kids. Additionally, you consistently do the following:

For Students

✓ Create and maintain a respectful, orderly, safe environment in which academic inquiry is highly valued and ideas are freely explored;
✓ Establish and consistently administer high academic and personal expectations for students both in and out of one’s classroom;
For Colleagues and Administrators
✓ Are respectful of one’s colleagues and administrators in word and deed;
✓ Play a role at all times in maintaining a school atmosphere of civility, decency, and respect among students, faculty, and administrators;

For Parents

✓ Recognize the partnership between school and home as a crucial component of a student’s experience in school;
✓ Are willing to invest the time to develop and maintain relationships with families;

For Oneself

✓ Actively pursue professional development opportunities;
✓ Join all relevant educational organizations for one’s continued growth;
✓ Discuss with your supervising administrator any particular conditions that could make life at Washington Latin more enjoyable and productive;
✓ As much as possible, maintain some healthy balance of professional and personal time.


Washington Latin is an equal-opportunity employer and it is our policy to recruit, hire, and promote for all jobs on the basis of merit, qualifications, skills and competence. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, marital status, religion, s*x, age, s*xual orientation, disability, or any other protected status. Washington Latin will fully comply with all employment-related and other laws. All employment decisions will be made solely on the basis of the individual's qualifications as related to the requirement of the position being filled.


Interested in joining the Latin faculty or learning more about our school?
To get started, please complete an initial application on our website:

Click this link to view and apply for this job!
Posted By: Elynor Moss
Tuesday, April 9th 2019 at 5:41PM
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